5 Star Security Services offers plainclothes security guards expertly trained to blend in, catch more criminal activity and appear less intimidating.  Plainclothes security guards are highly effective where it is to your benefit to blend in such as hotel lobbies, retail stores, warehouses, corporate office buildings, large public gatherings, churches, sporting venues, schools and more.

The most obvious benefit of a plainclothes security guard is that they blend in. This works best in a situation when you do not want security to appear obvious. Our plainclothes security guards are trained to identify and deter theft at your business.  When a shoplifter sees a uniformed security guard, their first move is to avoid being seen.  In this situation, a plainclothes security guard will work best when trying to catch a shoplifter and results in catching more criminals in the act.

The less obvious benefit of a plainclothes security guard is when your situation calls for a less intimidating approach to protection. This option is for those that require security without making anyone aware of their presence such as a church or school function.  This also eliminates the chances of the criminal taking out security first in order to carry on with their criminal intentions.

Security Guards We Hire:

  • Veterans, current or prior law enforcement and career security guards
  • Pass an extensive criminal background check
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement before they start
  • Meet our minimum qualifications
  • Have a minimum of 1-year, full time experience

5 Star Security Service’s Minimum Qualifications:

  • California Guard Card (BSIS)
  • California Exposed Firearms Permit (BSIS)
  • Adult-Child-Infant CPR/ Cat and Dog CPR/ First Aid/ AED
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Customer Service Training

Our qualified, trained and motivated team of professional security guards represent our company and yours with dignity, unity and loyalty. We offer a level of security and comfort you will not find from any other security provider. If you are unsure on whether you need plainclothes security or uniformed security, please call 5 Star Security Services for a free quote.