5 Star Security Services offers comfort, safety and customized security to homeowner associations at affordable rates.  We are proud to be of service and allow residents to enjoy a safe quality of living at gated communities, neighborhoods, condominiums, apartment complexes and HOA regulated communities. Our HOA / Residential security services include parking patrol, temporary or long-term access control, marked vehicle patrols, visitor and vendor access control, foot or vehicle patrols, parking patrol, illegal parking, illegal dumping, lock up pool and laundry, lock up and alarm, community rules enforcement, static guards, online daily reports, incidents reports and more.

Our security guards deter unwanted loitering, criminal trespassing, thieves, vandalism and other criminal activity, while maintaining awareness, quick response times and friendly assistance to the entire residential community they are protecting.

Every client receives a customized security plan where we assess your property to mitigate risks, learn about your perceived and unperceived security needs, weak spots, potential surrounding threats and budget. After the property is thoroughly assessed we will develop a detailed personalized security strategy and evacuation plan.

Security Guards We Hire:

  • Veterans, current or prior law enforcement and career security guards
  • Pass an extensive criminal background check
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement before they start
  • Meet our minimum qualifications
  • Have a minimum of 1-year, full time experience

5 Star Security Service’s Minimum Qualifications:

  • California Guard Card (BSIS)
  • California Exposed Firearms Permit (BSIS)
  • Adult-Child-Infant CPR/ Cat and Dog CPR/ First Aid/ AED
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Customer Service Training

Our qualified, trained and motivated team of professional security guards represent our company and your community with dignity, unity and loyalty. We offer a level of security and comfort you will not find from any other security provider. 5 Star Security Services offers HOA / Residential security in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County and surrounding areas. These services are available during work hours and 24/7. Call now for a free quote.